What are my playback options from Android to Dynaudio Music?

From Android, you have multiple options to play to a Dynaudio Music speaker. Below is a list of your options.

Dynaudio Music App (Wi-Fi)

  • From the Dynaudio Music app you can browse radio stations and play them to your Dynaudio Music speaker without assigning it as a preset first.
  • If you have a TIDAL subscription linked to your Dynaudio Music app, you are also able to access and play your playlists, favorite artists and Music Now playlists directly to your speaker.
  • Read more about Music Now here.
  • If you haven’t connected your speaker to Wi-Fi, see here how to connect.

DLNA (Wi-Fi)

  • To play via DLNA, you first need to connect your Dynaudio Music speaker to Wi-Fi. When the speaker is connected, you will need to use an app that supports DLNA playback.


  • Bluetooth works independently of Wi-Fi and can, therefore, be used everywhere. Pair your device with your Dynaudio Music speaker and play.
  • If you haven’t connected your device to your speaker via Bluetooth, see here.


  • Simply plug in a 3.5 mm mini-jack cable in your Dynaudio Music speaker and Android device to play.
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