How do I adjust speaker settings on Dynaudio Music?

Use Dynaudio Music App to adjust speaker settings. Open the Dynaudio App and select “Speaker” in upper left corner menu. Select speaker to adjust.

Sound Settings

Speaker name: Select speaker name to rename speaker.

EQ: Choose between 3 different preset equalizer settings; Music, Movie or Speech.

Bass and Treble: Adjust bass and treble level.

NoiseAdapt: Choose between OFF or Intelligent. Read more about NoiseAdapt here.

RoomAdapt: Choose between OFF or Intelligent. Read more about RoomAdapt here.



About speaker: Read about; model, IP address, serial number, package number and firmware version.

Presets: See and select between radio presets and inputs.



Auto power off (10 mins): 

LED brightness: Change speaker LED brightness. Choose between 5 levels.

Wi-Fi: See a list of Wi-Fi networks the speaker can connect to.


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